Why Your Articles/Books are Poorly Edited

If you are a writer or at least pass your message through writing and have noticed errors in your work after publishing, I want to show you why your writings are poorly edited.

I understand that many people make efforts to edit their writing, but the reality is that many of those works are poorly edited. That’s why I want to start this post by showing you what a poorly edited write-up really is.

A poorly edited write-up is one that has grammatical, punctuation, spelling and capitalization errors riddled in it. It’s the one whose sentence structures are wrong and so weak that the target readers don’t even get the point being made in the write-up. It’s the one that misquotes facts and figures.

So, why are they poorly edited?

Failure to Read Through

One of the reasons is that you are not meticulous in reviewing and editing your write-up. From my experience as an editor, I know that there are many typos that won’t escape being caught by the eyes of the author if he/she had taken a second look before clicking post, publish or send.

For people like that, you need to first calm down after writing to see if there are typos you can spot in your writing. You may not be able to pick all of them, but if you pay close attention, you can pick a handful.

To make this even more effective, do you know what you should do? Drop your work for some minutes, hours or days after writing, depending on how much time you have before publishing and come back to it. It’s then that you can look at it with a fresh eye.

Unprofessional Editing

If you are not the person I just described above, congrats. For you, your work may have been poorly edited because you didn’t hand it over to an editor to give you a professional look, refine your sentences and spot errors that you are very likely to be blind to.

You see, editing is not the same thing as reading through your work. What many people call editing is actually having someone read through their work and they take it to mean that it has been edited. Editing is much more than that. It actually involves the art of reading through your work by an eye trained to detect grammatical blunders, typos and weak sentences.

Unless your spouse, friend or co-worker is trained to detect grammatical errors, handing over your manuscript to them to read won’t give you proper editing. Their eyes have not been trained to detect sick sentences, punctuation marks that are illegal occupants and overzealous use of capitalization.

Rushed Editing

Another reason why your work is poorly edited is that you rushed the editing process. Editing is a meticulous activity and you have to give it time to be able to do a good job. When you rush it, you skip typos you would have seen if you had given it more time. That is why it is never recommended that an editor works on a book when he/she is exhausted. You need a high sense of alertness.

So, if you are using the services of professional editors, give them time to go through your work again and again. As an editor, I have found that when I go through a manuscript the second time after my clients had accepted changes; I see one or two other errors I didn’t see at first. So, when you have a deadline you are working towards, plan into it adequate time for your editors to do a thorough job for you.

For us at ThoroughProof, when we take a client’s manuscript, our target is to make sure that it is thoroughly edited. It hurts to see a manuscript that has passed through us with errors no matter how small. That’s why we always seek adequate time for our double editing which involves at least two pro editors.

Insisting on Being Your Own Editor

If you insist on editing your work, even if you are an editor, you are very likely to be blind to some errors in your writing. I once saw a good writer and editor I know, complaining in a group I belong to on how he can’t see his errors on paper, but can pick other people’s own.

One of the reasons is that he is reading what is in his head; not what is on paper. It happens to everybody, including me. It takes practice and exercise to come to the point of reading what’s on paper instead of what I have in my head. That is why as an editor and writer, it is wise to contract your book or article to be edited by another professional.

Again, no matter how good you are, hand over your work to a second eye to look at. It’s usually another eye that can detect verbosity, repetition, and wrong capitalization in your work; you should do yourself the favour of that second eye.

Many writers, business owners, bloggers, authors and preachers publish their beautiful ideas, stories and teachings poorly, but you don’t have to. You can have your ideas and stories refined so that they will speak to the target audience effectively and that’s why we are offering you our premium copyediting and proofreading services today. Get in touch with us to get started.  

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