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We work with public speakers, broadcasters, journalists and preachers to convert their audios or videos to books while they focus on the core of their craft.

FullStack Transcription Solutions

Our Suite of Transcription Solutions

We have come in contact with preachers who desire to have their audio contents/sermons converted to books so they can reach a wider audience and increase their sphere of impact. If you are one of them, this service was designed with you in mind. 

We are here to relieve you of long hours trying to convert your audio messages to books, so you can have more time to do other important things like running a ministry, institution, or building your brand. Do you have audio/video contents you wish to convert to books? Get in touch with us and we will deliver an intellectual property you would be proud of.

When we take your audio/video for transcription, among other things, we ensure that:

Transcription Solutions

Format for Easy Reading

We do not just transcribe your audio/video and send it back to you. We equally format the content for easy readability, as well as add headlines where appropriate.

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Turn Voice to Text

Convert your audio/video content to text so you can either share on your website or publish as a book.

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Book Publishing

We can take it a step further by partnering with a publishing company to get your book published either as an eBook or paperback.

Voice Transcription

Our Process

Audio Review

The first thing we do with an audio/video you send us is to review it for sound quality, content, and speed of speech. This will arm us with enough information on how to bill you.

Word-for-Word Transcription

As the name implies, at this stage, we transcribe the audio/video word-for-word. When we are through, we send it back to you for a review. With a go-ahead from you, we proceed to remove speech mannerisms.

Editing Speech Mannerisms

Here, we get down to rid the content created of speech mannerisms. Incomplete sentences would also be fixed bearing in mind the central message you have in mind.

Content Editing

We commence editing of your manuscript for grammar, punctuation, readability, logical flow of thoughts, among other things. Changes we make are also tracked so you can review them and decide on which to accept and which to reject.

Client’s Review

This is the final review before proofreading. This provides you with the opportunity to see what your final content will look like before we proceed to the final stage.


This is the final stage where we proofread the content we have created from the audio/video for punctuation and typographical errors. Spellings are also checked at this point.

Transcription Solution Packages

We have a range of transcription solution packages to meet your unique needs. Hence:

One-off Package

As the name implies, we offer one-off transcription services to clients for their projects. From experience, a number of our clients prefer a bulk offer because it helps save cost for them, but it is absolutely fine if you prefer a one-off experience.

Bulk Offer

You contract us with at least 2 different audio and/or video contents for transcription and enjoy a 10% discount on our rates.

Enterprise Offer

With this, you can just hand in your audio/video to us and go to rest. We transcribe, edit and take it a step higher by contracting our partner company, Fratee Media to format and publish your ebook or paperback. What you enjoy is a 15% discount on our rates.

Let's get started with transcribing your audio/video!