To use Everyday or Every day?

Have you ever had to pause to decide on whether to use everyday or every day in your articles or manuscript? Do you even know the two do not mean the same thing and have different usage?
It’s okay if you don’t, we learn daily.
In simply terms, Every day (two words) is synonymous with each day. The latter can substitute the former in sentences and the intended meaning would be retained.
1. I walk to the office every day because my house is just a stone’s throw away.
2. Every day, I listen to political voices on dream 92.5fm.
3. It’s okay if you don’t, we learn every day. 😘
Observe that “every day” can be substituted with “each day” in the above examples and the correct meaning will still be communicated.
Everyday on the other hand, is an adjective meaning commonplace, normal or ordinary. It describes a noun in a sentence.
1. Why did you convert this gown to an everyday wear?
2. I intentionally maintain a positive disposition as I go about my everyday life.
Note that in the above sentences, “everyday” can be replaced with “ordinary” or “commonplace” or “normal” and the meaning of the sentence won’t be altered.
I hope the illustrations are clear enough. Got questions? Ask in the comment box.

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