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Content Writing

Many people have a message to pass across or a story to tell, but either don’t have time to tell it or the skill to express it clearly on paper. To such people, we offer our Content Writing services for fiction and non-fiction writing.

We promise confidentiality to our clients and will work with you to ensure the effective translation of their thoughts and ideas on paper. 

Our Content Writing Solutions

Content Editing Solutions

When you have a message to pass across or a story to tell, it is easy to get carried away with the desire to tell the stories or get your message across that the messages or stories don’t come out clearly due to an error in grammar, punctuation, logical flow, sentence construction and/or capitalization.

The implication is that many have published their articles and books with errors that make it difficult for them to be understood, weakened the strength of their message or made their story incoherent. But yours doesn’t have to be like that with our premium editing services.

Our Content Editing Solutions

Proofreading Solutions

Some writers have trained and honed their abilities to express their thoughts in writing very clearly and make their work sparkle and so they have little need for editing. However, they often don’t see typos (verbosity, repetition, skipped words, etc) in their work. The simple reason is that when a writer is reading his work, without knowing, he reads what is in his head/mind or what he intends to write instead of what he has on paper.

That’s why we offer our proofreading services to pick typos and errors that you or your editor may have skipped to save you from the embarrassment of avoidable errors.

When we take your manuscript for proofreading, among other things, we ensure that:

Our Proofreading Solutions

Transcription Solutions

From time to time, we have come in contact with preachers who desire to have their audio contents/sermons converted to books so they can reach a wider audience and increase their sphere of impact. If you are one of them, this service was designed with you in mind. 

We are here to relieve you of long hours trying to convert your audio messages to books, so you can have more time to do other important things like running a ministry, institution, or building your brand. Do you have audio/video contents you wish to convert to books? Get in touch with us and we will deliver an intellectual property you would be proud of.

When we take your audio/video for transcription, among other things, we ensure that:

Our Transcription Solutions

Science Editing Solutions

As an academic, the measure of your advancement in your career is based upon the premise of the number of publications you do. Sadly, not every article you submit would be accepted. Some would be turned down because they are ridden with grammatical blunders and maybe typographical errors. 

Some others may be turned down because they did not pass the plagiarism check. I’m sure you don’t want any of that to happen to you. No, you don’t have to go through the torture of waiting and waiting, only to be turned down. You would rather get it right at first submission. That is where we come in; to make your article submission-ready.

When we take your journal article for publication for editing, among other things, we ensur

Our Science Editing Solutions

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