Our editing services help sharpen your writing to make your communication clear to your target audience. We do that by:

  1. Ensuring that the tone of your content is best fitted for your target audience
  2. Grouping your sentences for easy consumption
  3. Ensuring logical flow of thought
  4. Double checking of dates and names to be sure they are correct


When we take your manuscript for proofreading, we:

  1. Ensure that the headers are well formatted
  2. Your sentences are well punctuated
  3. Alignment of margins well bulleted
  4. Captions are correct
  5. Dates are correct
  6. Headlines are double checked
  7. Spellings are correct

Ghost Writing

Our Ghost Writing Services include:

  1. Creating Content for your Blog/Website
  2. Writing Content for Your Magazine
  3. Creating Email Marketing Contents
  4. Book Writing



In radio advertising, the pillar is the copy; next is the delivery of the copy and the blend of the voice, inserts and music. We offer both female and male voiceover service that helps translate your script into audio and produce your audio books. All you need is to send us the script with your brief for the voicing and we will work with our media partner, Fratee Media to record and package your advert or audio book.