Some writers have trained and honed their abilities to express their thoughts in writing very clearly and make their work sparkle and so they have little need for editing. However, they often don’t see typos in their work—verbosity, repetition, skipped words, etc. The simple reason is that when a writer is reading his work, without knowing, he reads what is in his head/mind or what he intends to write instead of what he has on paper.

That’s why we offer proofreading services to pick typos and errors that you or your editor may have skipped so as to save you from the embarrassment of avoidable errors.

When we take your manuscript for proofreading, we ensure that:

  1. The headers are well formatted
  2. Your sentences are well punctuated
  3. Margins are well aligned and bulleted
  4. Captions are correct
  5. Dates are correct
  6. Headlines are double checked
  7. Spellings are correct
  8. Thought flows logically
  9. Consistency is maintained

…and many more.