When we open your document on our mailbox, let me take you through our refining process:

Content Review

We start by reading about a chapter of your book or a few paragraphs to ascertain the improvement that needs to be done on your work. We communicate that to you and possibly any other concern or clarification we may need especially as regards your target audience, type of English to use, etc. When that is settled, our team goes into action.

First Editing

Next step is editing your manuscript with special emphasis on coherence and logical flow of thoughts, your sentence construction, and paragraphing. In the process, we can also pick obvious errors in capitalization, grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Second Editing

In this level of editing, another qualified and skilled member of our team digs deeper into the grammar, punctuation, accuracy of references, names and dates, as well as spelling and capitalization. We equally look at the formatting to ensure italicising and bolding of necessary words.

Client’s Review & Approval

This next step is client’s review, approval or rejection of the changes made on the manuscript.

Final Look

To pick any stubborn devil, and possibly, errors introduced by clients while accepting or rejecting changes, we have included this stage to take a final look at the write up before publishing.

One more thing, for every book, magazine or brochure you trust us with to edit, you can be sure that at least two (2) editors will work on it, bringing to bear their different core competencies to ensure that your work is properly polished.