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We offer premium editing services to fix typographical, syntax and grammatical errors in your manuscript so you can effectively communicate.

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When you have a message to pass across or a story to tell, it is easy to get carried away with the desire to tell the stories or get your message across that the messages or stories don’t come out clearly due to an error in grammar, punctuation, logical flow, sentence construction and/or capitalization.

The implication is that you may publish your articles and books with errors that make it difficult for them to be understood, weaken the strength of your message or make your story incoherent. But it doesn’t have to be like that with our premium editing services.

When we take your manuscript for editing, among other things, we ensure that:

Content Editing Solutions


This allows us to be the second eye over your written contents before you share them with the world to ensure your intentions are effectively communicated.

Copy/Line editing

With this, we can do a more in-depth line by line editing of your manuscript, getting it rid of grammatical, syntax, punctuation and spelling errors. We also ensure logical flow of thoughts and readability.

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Content Editing

Our Process

Content Review

We start by reading a chapter of your book or a few paragraphs to ascertain the stage you are at and the extent of work that your manuscript needs. We communicate that to you and possibly any other concern or clarification we may need especially as regards your target audience, type of English to use, turnaround date, etc.

Sample Edit

If you are a first time client, we can offer you a sample edit of some portion of your manuscript, usually 500 to 1000 words. This is completely free and non-obligatory. It is entirely up to you to decide on whether we can work together on your project or not.

First Edit

The next step is editing your manuscript with special emphasis on coherence, logical flow of thoughts and sentence construction. In the process, we can also pick obvious errors in capitalization, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Changes we make are also tracked so you can review them and decide on which to accept and which to reject.

Client’s Review and Approval

We send the manuscript back to you for your review and approval. This is also where you get to accept or reject the changes made to your manuscript. When that is done, you send it back to us for the final edit/review.

Final Review

This is a very important stage because we do not want contents bearing our seal out there which we won’t be proud of when we see it in years to come. It is also at this stage that we eliminate errors you might have introduced in the manuscript while accepting/rejecting changes.

Editing Solution Packages

We have a range of editing packages to meet your unique needs. Hence:

One-off Package

As the name implies, we offer one-off editing services to clients for their projects. From experience, a number of our clients prefer a bulk offer because it helps save cost for them, but it is absolutely fine if you prefer a one-off experience.

Bulk Offer

You contract us with at least 2 different contents on a retainer basis and you get a 10% discount on editing your manuscript.

Enterprise Editing

With this, you can just hand in your manuscript and go to rest. We edit and take it a step higher by contracting our partner company, Fratee Media to format and publish your ebook or paperback. What you enjoy is a 15% discount on our editing rate.

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