Does my manuscript need Editing or Proofreading?

A number of clients, in a bid to shy away from the financial implications of having their manuscript edited and proofread, end up asking for proofreading services alone instead of first sending their manuscript through an editor. In this post, I will show you what will happen to your beautiful storyline or book idea if you decide to run it through a proofreader alone.
Firstly, your thoughts may not flow logically. You might have the last sentence in a paragraph as the first, making it difficult for your readers to understand you.
Secondly, your dates would not be confirmed and cross-checked. It is the duty of your editor to check the dates of events in your manuscript to be sure they are correct.
Thirdly, your Bible quotations may not be accurate. Imagine the dent it will place on your image if your reader feels spoken to by a Bible passage in your book and decides to check it out, only to find out that it was the wrong one.
A proofreader does more of a surface work; checking for inconsistencies in text and numeration, spelling and punctuation errors, but an editor does more in-depth work; confirming dates and scriptures (for a Christian genre), correcting grammatical errors, syntax errors and readability issues.
When you are done writing your book, endeavour to pass it through an editor and a proofreader. You are doing yourself a great deal of good if you do. And in case you’ve not settled in on an editor and proofreader to use for your book, ring us and we’ll deliver a masterpiece to you!

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