Damaging Effects of Poorly Edited Articles/Books

It’s no doubt that you have heard one or two implications of a poorly edited article/book. In this post, I want to highlight them more clearly and show you how damaging they can be. Stay with me.

Difficulty in Understanding

When your write up is riddled with errors, one of the disadvantages is that your message doesn’t come out clear and therefore your attempt to pass your message or tell a story fails. Words are the building blocks of your message, when they are poorly arranged or weakly constructed, you make it difficult to pass your message clearly.

It’s not enough to write your thoughts or communicate your message, you have to ensure you use words and register most suited for your target audience and field. When a professional editor takes your manuscript, one of her jobs is to help you refine your writing to ensure that it suits the target audience. However, when it’s poorly edited, these things are not taken care of.

Loss of Respect

We often accord respect to people based on how they look and their general appearance. This reality is seen in the fact that even if someone is very good in what he does, if his dressing portrays him differently, we can’t help but judge him accordingly. The same reality applies in writing. Your readers accord you respect partly based on the kind of content they see you release because, most times, they don’t get to relate with you outside those contents.

I know you don’t eat respect from your reader, but it affects your message and your ability to positively influence your target audience. That’s why it’s wisdom on your part to ensure you don’t lose it with avoidable typos and grammatical blunders. When your work is poorly edited, you lose your respect with your readers and the consequence is that they may not read further or not trust you or your message again.

Waste of Your Reader’s Time

When your write up is riddled with errors, most of your target readers will stop reading you; but when they feel you have something to say, they will continue but with lots of difficulty in understanding what you are writing.

As a result, you waste your reader’s time as he tries to figure out exactly what you are saying. You make them reread almost every sentence or paragraph as they try to understand your point. This damages your reputation and goes a long way to weaken the perception of your message.

Misleading Your Readers

Some errors make you say something you don’t want to say and the implication is that you lead your readers to the wrong information, thereby confusing them. I have seen where the erroneous omission of the word ‘not’ changed the point an author was trying to make in his post. The same applies to the wrong use of punctuations; it communicates an entirely different message from what was intended. That’s something you don’t want to do because you may not be able to retract the erroneous article, mail, letter or book once you hit the send or publish button.

Many writers, business owners, bloggers, authors and preachers publish their beautiful ideas, stories and teachings poorly; but you don’t have to. You can have your ideas and stories refined so that they will speak to the target audience effectively and that’s why we are offering you our premium copyediting and proofreading services today. Get in touch with us to get started.

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