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We work with busy professionals, bloggers, and authors to create contents for their books or blog posts while freeing them time to do more of what matters to them.

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FullStack Content Writing Solution

Our Suite of Content Writing Solutions

Many people have a message to pass across or a story to tell, but either don’t have time to tell it or the skill to express it clearly on paper. To such people, we offer our Content Writing services for fiction and non-fiction writing.

We promise confidentiality to our clients and will work with you to ensure the effective translation of their thoughts and ideas on paper. 

Content Writing Solutions

Book Writing

You sit back, relax and do other important things you have to do while we write your book and you take credit for it.

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Developmental Editing​

We freshen up your first draft so that your communication can be clear and unambiguous, properly written with the right number of sentences and paragraphs.

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Content Creation​

We create contents for you or your organisation ranging from email marketing contents, corporate profiles, blog posts, media stories and press release.

Content Writing

Our Process

ThoroughProof Content Writing Solution

Clarity Session

The first thing we do if you contact us to create content for you is to organise a clarity session with you where we ask questions to better understand what exactly you want and who your target audience are.

First Draft

At this stage, we create a kind of skeletal framework of your content based on what we understand from the clarity session. Next, we pass it through you for review/feedback and to be sure the content represents what you have in mind.

Developmental Editing

This is the stage where we freshen up the first draft by adding more sentences and paragraphs. We do this bearing in mind the central theme of the content and the target audience.

First Edit

The next step is editing your manuscript with special emphasis on coherence, logical flow of thoughts and sentence construction. In the process, we can also pick obvious errors in capitalization, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Changes we make are also tracked so you can review them and decide on which to accept and which to reject.

Client’s Review

This is the final review before editing and proofreading. This provides you with the opportunity to see what your final content will look like before we proceed to the finishing stages.

Line Editing

We commence editing of your manuscript for grammar, punctuation, readability, logical flow of thoughts, among other things. Changes we make are also going to be tracked so you can review them and decide on which to accept and possibly reject.


This is the final stage where we proofread the content we have created for punctuation and typographical errors. Spellings are also checked at this point.

Content Writing Packages

We have a range of Content Writing packages to meet your unique needs. Hence:

One-off Package

As the name implies, we offer one-off content creation services to clients for their projects. It is absolutely fine if you prefer a one-off experience.

Bulk Offer

You contract us with at least 2 different content creation projects and you get a 10% discount on our rates.

Enterprise Content Creation

With this package, you can contact us to handle all your brand’s content creation and you get to enjoy a 15% discount on our rates.

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