Writing has been as old as the biblical story of God and Moses on Mount Sinai and it has proven to be a very reliable and powerful means of communication. Many people have desired to use it as a means of getting their message across to the world or sharing their story with the world.


Unfortunately, not many people that desire to write are able to clearly communicate their message or share their story effectively. Some of the limitations they encounter are poor organization of their thoughts, wrong use of grammar, wrong punctuation and capitalization.


I notice these errors and difficulties as I read articles, blog posts, motivational books, brochures, tracts and even some textbooks.


Aside my natural design as a perfectionist (I am Melancholy), my further study of grammar, punctuation and writing has made me more conscious of grammatical blunders, weak sentence constructions, poor paragraphing, wrong punctuations and capitalization in written materials.


In 2016, I decided to take my first course on editing and proofreading to prepare me to edit more properly. Since then, I have taken even more courses, read books on editing and writing to prepare myself to become a professional editor.


I have used my skills and knowledge to serve friends, preachers, bloggers, publishers and copywriters as a freelancer. In fact, currently, I have edited nothing less than 150 articles, 13 books, 3 corporate profiles, 5 proposals.

As I get their comment on my editing prowess, I feel the need to create a platform to serve more people with my skill and perfectionist gift. With my skills and training, I can help:

  1. Bloggers
  2. Preachers
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Public Figures
  5. Writers
  6. Academics

communicate their messages clearer, make their story sparkle, devoid of grammatical blunders. Thus, the birth of ThoroughProof Services.


ThoroughProof Services is a company founded to offer writing, editing and voiceover services with the goal of making your written message come out clear and your story properly told while keeping it free from all forms of grammatical blunders, inconsistencies without losing your unique voice.


Once you sign a contract with us, all that matters to us is to craft your message or story the best way it can be written to the target audience, refine your written work to ensure clarity of thought and removal of those embarrassing typos and inconsistencies while preserving your unique voice.